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About Us

Tranqwheel is the only steering wheel cover on the market that allows the driver a multi-beneficial driving experience that hasn’t existed before.

It features six soft and easily accessible stress balls at various points on the steering wheel cover, giving the driver the ability to alleviate stress, enhance control and concentration, and minimize hand slippage all while keeping their hands on the wheel.

By squeezing the stress balls on a Tranqwheel, the driver reduces accumulated tension brought on by heavy traffic and other difficult driving conditions.

The stress balls also provide a position for hands to rest while driving and create a barrier to prevent hand misplacement.

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“This is Genius! I don’t say that often and I see a lot of inventions.”

Stephen Key
author of One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs

“This couldn’t have been marketed better!  You’ve helped road rage and aggressive driving directly at the source.  Of all steering wheel covers out there, Tranqwheel will always be the first of its kind.”

Mary Jane Handcock, MA JD PLLC

“What a great idea! This could single handedly get rid of all the road rage out there.”

Deborah Duncan
host of Great Day Houston morning TV show

“I really love it, VERY COOL!”

Steve Greenberg
author of Gadget Nation

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