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Tranqwheel Concentration (Be Super Driver)

When it comes do staying mentally focused, our modern day lifestyle has many things to distract us from things that are REALLY important, like driving. Many Tranqwheel customers have said the stress balls on the steering wheel gives them something to do whether waiting or driving. This is important because that “something to do” is keeping their hands on the steering wheel and holding their concentration towards driving.

One of the added benefits of a stress ball is that it enhances your concentration. Office jobs and school settings are just two of many atmospheres where stress balls are commonly used and distributed. These atmospheres are stressful and require high concentration. Driving should be no different, in fact it should be more important.

There have been studies that show improved academic scores in students who squeeze a stress ball while learning in class. Tranqwheel is the only steering wheel cover that can bring that sort of concentration enhancement to a driver.

It’s like you transform into Super Driver!

Be Super Driver…

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