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World’s Only Stress Ball Steering Wheel Cover (Idea to reality)

Many things can trigger a great idea. You just have to be in the right state of mind to capture it. I had made the same left turn many, many times over a 2 year span. It was always a pain. It was never smooth. Always a break pedal was in play to slow down the momentum. I’m naturally laid back but when it comes to traffic, a whole new person comes out. This particular time was a very late and frustrated person. The reasons I was late and to where I was going don’t matter, they never really matter.

It wasn’t even that bad of a wait for this turn this time but the chemicals in my brain were perfect for me to unleash wrath on the steering wheel! My car was filled with slamming and hard gripping fueled by frustration until I had to stop because I hurt my hands. As soon as I realized the pain that I inflicted on myself for almost no reason at all, I was able to realize something. I need a steering wheel cover with stress balls!

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