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Smooth safety addition to your vehicle (“Where did you get that?”)

“Where did you get that steering wheel cover!?”

This is now becoming a common question asked to a Tranqwheel driver. If onlookers are not shouting it directly from traffic they are more than likely thinking it. It’s hard not to notice. This is a fun and sleek new appearance with soft outer material so your hands will easily glide to comfortable driving positions. There are many hand positions from actually gripping a stress ball to just resting them on one while gripping the wheel itself. With this cool new look comes also toughness and resilience. There are stress balls attached for a reason. To unleash the furry of a stressful commute! The stress balls are secure to the wheel to do just that.

Tranqwheel comes with an even a greater bonus, SAFETY! Your hands won’t slip when having to make that quick, tough or even regular turn. You can now steer while gripping the stress balls or just grip the wheel itself for more traditional driving. This gives the driver an advantage that didn’t exist before. This may even allow the driver that extra split second in their turn that could change everything. One thing is for sure, you will now have superior grip and control with a Tranqwheel. Even when a full firm grip of the steering wheel cannot had, the stress balls act as an extension of the wheel providing more range for hand grasp. Tranqwheel can and has helped steer clear from very close accidents because of this ability.

The beauty here is that you can now safely steer your vehicle in more ways than just one WHILE KEEPING YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL!

This is driving evolved!

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