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To be safe and happy

It’s been reported recently that Houston is #1 in the country with road rage and non-courteous drivers. As a Houston driver for 10 years that has driven in most American metropolitans I can fully agree. It is only fitting that the world’s first stress ball steering wheel cover was created in the road rage capitol of America.

The stay tranquil movement is to keep focus on the very reason you got behind the wheel in the first place, simply to get to your destination…safe and happy!

A Tranqwheel is a true symbol of that focus. A reminder that amidst all the chaos all around, you can still maintain control and stay tranquil.

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Not many people even realize how long driving has even been around.

In fact driving a car has been around for only about 130 years…out of the entire time of human existence! Since then there have been millions of cars on earth that have spawned from nowhere. Humans had to adapt to a new lifestyle called driving. We are still adapting to this lifestyle of driving. As more and more cars and drivers populate our roads, we now have to spend many hours of our lives breaking and waiting in a small metal and glass box to reach our destinations.

Humans weren’t built to sit in a small box with wheels for long periods, we just sort of acquired it and now we just have to live with it.

My realization of this came when I was angrily stuck in this type of traffic. Then I saw other drivers just as angered and impatient as I was being (some even more). I was able to see myself in other upset drivers. I thought “There has to be a reason why so many people (including myself) are driving like selfish jerks and making dangerous driving maneuvers and still not getting anywhere. Why are we taking such risks, taking it out on other drivers when we clearly see there is nothing we can do about this traffic?”

This led me to understand that my road rage and stressed out driving were due to lack of control, which was of traffic. But what can I control? My thoughts, my emotions, my choices, my own actions! Driving is now a part of everyday life and there is no getting away from it. I cannot change this nor would I want to. Now the challenge is raising this awareness in other drivers. In a sea of asphalt, chaos and danger, zooming two-ton hunks of metal and fiberglass fueled by emotion and petroleum, I now have a "Stay Tranquil" sign on my vehicle. This is my understanding passed onto other drivers around me to “Stay Tranquil!” This means to stay in control of the only thing you actually have control of; yourself, your emotions and your vehicle.

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